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Investing in green energy

The market

  • Climate change is an existential threat to human civilization, with many nations aiming for zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  • As the world moves away from fossil fuels, there is a market opportunity for companies investing in renewable energy.
  • Global investment in renewable energy technologies reached $755 billion in 2021.
  • Wind, solar and hydropower require promising technologies in the green energy market.
  • Investment in renewable energy will need to triple in the coming years to reach zero carbon emissions.

The opportunity

Every year, global energy demand is steadily increasing; for emerging economies and developing countries, total global energy use is expected to grow by almost 50% by 2050. At the same time, scientists are sounding the alarm about the warming caused by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. With temperatures possibly rising well above two degrees Celsius, many nations are looking for ways to replace fossil fuels with renewable sources for energy production. This provides an opportunity for investors looking to take advantage of green energy investments.

The recent Bloomberg New Energy Finance report shows the relative results that renewable energy will deliver to meet the needs of our generation. Given the expected increase in spending in the industry, investors who choose to invest in green energy may see their capital increase along with the demand for energy.

Small hydroelectric projects (SHEP) in Greece

SHEP is a form of renewable energy with many comparative advantages not only over investments in other sectors of the economy but also over other basic RES (solar, wind). All relevant international studies show that SHEP:

  1. It is the most (known) environmentally friendly energy production method so far with the largest contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases per unit of energy
  2. They have the highest efficiency and the lowest production cost per unit of installed capacity
  3. They have the longest lifespan
  4. Have the lowest environmental impact in terms of life cycle time

Description of the power generation project 

Water from the Manesaiikos River (which originates near the village of Manesi) is collected with the help of the artificial dam and is piped 2.5 km to the power plant in Drosato. Then, with the help of a hydro turbine,the hydraulic energy is converted into mechanical energy and then, via a generator (from 2 Austrian Hitzinger generators) into electricity. The water is then fed back into the river, converted and continues to flow.

Drosato SA today:

Drosato is a one-person limited liability company owns a small hydroelectric project of 1.9 MW fully licensed in operation since 2018 on the Manesaiiko River at the location of Petzaki Drosato in the Municipal Community of the Municipality of Kalavryta, in the regional unit of Achaia, in the regional region of Western Greece.
The agreed electricity sales price of the hydropower plant with DEDDIE SA - €83/MWH - is guaranteed for 20 years until 2038.

Management of the company:

Board of Directors

Drosato SA is committed to operate under the principles of green energy in all its activities. To this end, the company promotes business ethics in decision-making and is committed to protecting the interests of shareholders and those with a legitimate interest.

Invest in green energy

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The company is committed to operating on green energy principles, promoting business ethics and protecting the interests of shareholders and stakeholders.

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